Choy 44
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Choy 44

The 44-foot L.O.A. KIELE VI was created to deliver “E-ticket” thrill rides to the guests of developer Chris Hemmeter’s new Kauai Lagoons Resort. Based upon experience with AIKANE X-5, we were able to duplicate nearly the same level of performance as her larger sister-catamaran at a more affordable cost and with U.S. Coast Guard certification to carry up to 32 passengers up to 25 miles offshore, which translates, effectively, into an open-ocean commercial license.

Elements of her racing boat heritage are evident in the advanced hull shape, wing mast, and Harken racing equipment. A great deal of attention was paid to systems design and construction to ensure ease of operation. Although her U.S. Coast Guard certificate requires at least one crew, the boat can be easily handled and sailed by one person. This is made possible by having the mainsheet and traveler, jib sheet, centerboard retraction controls and dual outboard motor controls available right at the helm console. With a self-tacking jib her extremely balanced sail plan allows her to tack just like a monohull.

The original concept was based upon being able to disassemble the boat for shipment by container to other areas. Following the success of KIELE VI another variation was developed with fixed composite beams. This version offers weight savings as well as simplifying the design and facilitating more accommodations space.

  • Designation: U.S. Coast Guard certificated, exposed waters
  • Licensed capacity: 38 passengers
  • Length, overall: 44.9 ft ./ 11.6 m
  • Length, waterline: 42 ft. / 12.8 m
  • Beam overall: 28 ft. / 8.5 m
  • Displacement: 8,000 lbs. / 3,628.7 kg.
  • Draft, hull: 14 in / 35.6 cm
  • Draft, centerboards down: 45 in / 114 cm
  • Rig Type: Rotating wing mast
  • Mast chord: 24 in. / 61 cm
  • Mast height: 60 ft. / 18.3 m
  • Main sail area: 700 sq. ft./65 sq. m
  • Jib sail area: 200 sq. ft./ 18.6 sq. m
  • Total working sail area:  900 sq. ft./ 83.6 sq. m
  • Aux. propulsion: 9.9 Yamaha outboard motor (2)
  • Construction: Epoxy foam sandwich
  • Design team: Barry Choy, Rudy Choy, Gary Dierking, Mark Werkmeister, Gary Craft, Bob Perkins, Randy Smyth, Craig Riley

Christopher B. Hemmeter

Design, Construction


February 1990

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